SCC Rugby Academy Type 2 Mouthguard

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Join millions of others who have worn the Signature Type 2 Mouthguard.

Designed to meet the most desirable needs of competition sports, a new international standard for all sports people.

Signature’s Type 2 represents the current standard in classic warm and fit mouthguards. Available in a large selection of bold colours as well as club colour combinations makes this mouthguard Australia’s Favourite.


  • Absorbs impact
  • Protects teeth, gums, jaws and joints
  • Designed to fit mouth and teeth accurately to give better protection
  • Has a comfortable fit to enable easy breathing, talking and drinking
  • An affordable warm and fit design. Adapts to most mouths.


  • Ages 9-12 (Youth)
  • Ages 12-17 (Teen)

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