Made from high quality recycled yarn, Dynasty Sport Leavers apparel is custom made so it looks great and meets your school branding requirements. ​
Our extensive range, from hoodies and retro rugby jerseys to basketball singlets and American varsity jackets, means there’s an option for every requirement and budget. ​
Our specialist School Leavers Team will work with you through the entire process to create your one of a kind jersey, ensuring it is easy to understand and hassle free. ​
So, whether it’s a hoodie, jacket, jersey, singlet or shirt, students will wear it with pride, celebrating their final year of high school. ​
​Dynasty Sport’s Leavers range is made from an innovative recycled yarn that we call Ecotek. This yarn is constructed from ethically sourced recycled plastic bottles with a 4-step process giving a second life to single use plastic bottles. It’s time to focus on the future and graduate from single use plastic, embracing sustainable technology. Make the sustainable choice, without compromising on product quality. ​

Sizing is easy

Check out the video below, Lily will walk you through how to get the perfect fit.

We have samples in our warehouse ready to send out to you. Just use the form below to start the process.

How to size your garment
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