Teamwear Done Different

Here at Arena Teamwear we understand that getting the design, agreeing the price, getting the timeframes and then getting the kit can mean the start of your headaches.

Gear stored in your home/on the sideline in a container. The hassle of stock control, players turning up at your door wanting kit - sound familiar?

From the outset, we wanted to be able to use technology and partnerships to deliver a unique and best in market solutions that;

- makes your sponsors/stakeholders happy

- makes your members happy

- makes your Treasurer happy

We think we are pretty close.

We have teamed up with a fantastic Third Party Logistics (3PL) company here in Singapore. Your gear will be inbounded, labelled and securely stored. When orders are received via your online shop they are automatically sent to our partners system where the order will be picked, packed and booked for courier pickup.

Orders are typically received within three business days of being placed.

Your members will have access to full customer service via chat/email/WhatsApp/Messenger or Carrier Pigeon (well, maybe not the pigeon).

You receive an automated stock level report each Monday (or whatever day suits).

You get a full report monthly showing all sales and any returns that are due to you (these are settled same day).

To find out more, please clicked on the button below and we will be in touch.